Submit Your Work

Have you written a collection of linked short stories – perhaps several? Are they not yet in the index? Or are they, but you would like to add some information about your book, perhaps some interesting links – like an author interview? Well, in that case, you have come to the right place!

Feel free to contact me on this email: chris AT shadeofthemorningsun DOT com and tell me more about yourself, your work, and whatever you would like to add to the index. I will endeavor to get it all posted as soon as possible. Together we can make this index grow quicker!

Note: Some authors are regular participants in events, like readings or book tours, and if you would like a section under your book with a schedule of such items, feel free to contact me as well. If your schedule is updated often you can get a login and keep your own book entry up to date with such information – or the entries of several books, if you have written more than one. Just contact me and I will arrange for it!