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Welcome to my website, where you can explore a collection of linked short stories from various authors.

Linked short stories are a unique and engaging form of storytelling that weave together multiple narratives, characters, and themes. Each story in a linked collection stands on its own, yet when read together, they form a larger, interconnected narrative.

Whether you’re a fan of magical realism, historical fiction, or contemporary realism, we have something for everyone. My collections feature works by both established and emerging authors, providing a platform for new voices in the literary world. 

This website is a pure labor of love! It aims to promote and celebrate the unique form of storytelling by sharing some of the best examples from around the world of this fascinating literary form.

Hot picks!


The Unvanquished

Set in Mississippi during the Civil War and Reconstruction, these are stories of the Sartoris family, and their old South codes and traditions.

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Winesburg, Ohio

A cycle structured around the life of protagonist George Willard, from the time he was a child to his growing independence and ultimate abandonment of Winesburg as a young man.

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15 stories offer glimpses into the lives of ordinary Dubliners, and collectively paint a portrait of a nation.

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Some of my personal favorites

Olive Kitteridge

A retired schoolteacher, deplores the changes in her little town of Crosby, Maine, and in the world at large, but she doesn’t always recognize the changes in those around her.

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