My name is Christopher Marcus and I’m the creator of the linked short story / short story cycle projects that you have stumbled upon. I’m Christopher Marcus and I am an independent artist and researcher. I originally graduated with a Master’s Thesis in Strategic Communications from Roskilde University in Denmark, but I since pursued writing short story cycles and thus got interested in the form. The page you see before you is an overview of all my projects in this regard!

First up is which is intended to list all the linked short story collections I know of – with a presentation, and generally useful links to more information about the collection. Until it gets more off the ground, feel free to follow me on Goodreads where I already have one really big list of linked short stories and another-not-quite-as-big-but-it’s-getting-there-list … !

I also have an encyclopedic site, where I list articles, theses, and dissertations about short story cycles.

Finally, I have an online art project that combines linked short stories, musical inspirations, and photos to tell the story of a family through three generations – from 1968 to 2068.

If you have any recommendations for linked short stories (or academic work about them) which I should index – feel free to shoot me an email. 🙂

– Chris