Borderline realistic reflections of loneliness and connectivity in the internet age

Elena Rubik can’t seem to stay dead. She persists: as a set of corneas, as a newsletter subscriber, as a member of fanfiction forums.

Her best friend Jules Valentine meanwhile is unwittingly inveigled into an indie-film turned corporate branding stunt. When Jules leaks information about the true story behind the video – by then an overworked viral meme – wannabe investigative reporter April Kuan is assigned the case. But as April trails Jules all over Perth she too becomes ensnared in the machinations of shady corporate interests as the very laws of physics and time begin to bend.

Rubik is a wide-ranging intertwined novel-in-stories that slips outside the borders of realism. Spotted with disappearances, mysteries, wit and social commentary, it is a reflection of technological anxiety, loneliness and connectivity in the internet age.

(from Goodreads)

More about this collection

Official website of author Elizabeth Tan

A list of the author’s short publications – (some of which are likely available online)

An in-depth interview with the author – courtesy of LIMINAL Magazine.

“Rubik, the Short Story Cycle, and the Digital Age” – an interesting analysis of the book over at


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