Its Colours They Are Fine

Capturing the spirit of Glasgow.

A classic of short fiction, Alan Spence’s celebrated debut collection, first published in 1977, brings Glasgow to vibrant life and captures the spirit of the city as it teetered on the brink of change. From childhood Christmases in small tenement flats and games played on scrubland, to Orange Walks on bright Saturday afternoons and Thursday nights in dark, pulsing dancehalls, these interlinked stories vividly evoke the city and its inhabitants – young and old, Catholic and Protestant, hopeful and disillusioned.

(from Shakespeare and Co.)

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“It’s Colours They Are Fine” – Goodreads Page

Official Author Alan Spence’s Wikipedia entry

(The official website is defunct)

Zen and the Art of Alan Spence – from

This article portrays Alan Spence’s impact as a writer and poet, emphasizing his ability to capture profound ideas through brevity and gentle wit. The context of the Third Eye Centre in Glasgow serves as a backdrop for the author’s personal connection to Spence’s work, highlighting the power of words to expand minds and inspire change.

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