I Know You Love Me, Too

Ingrid and Kate investigate the mysteries left by their father

Eight years apart, half-sisters Ingrid and Kate suffer the loss of their shared father when Ingrid is twenty and Kate only twelve. As they negotiate their uncertain sisterhood, Ingrid struggles with her artistic identity and love life while the hairline cracks expand in Kate’s seemingly perfect life. Told from multiple perspectives, I Know You Love Me, Too follows Ingrid and Kate as they investigate the mysteries left by their father and the riddles posed by their own lives.

Special Note

Important changes to the site
Sep 23

Site Changes

From September 2023 this site will only be an index site for new entries. If I can find interview bits from the authors about the craft writing linked short stories I will add that, otherwise there will be no additional information. You are still welcome to contact me if you want to add links, etcetera to an entry on a collection you have authored.  I hope to get the resources to expand all entries further in the future. Unless otherwise noted all blurbs are from Goodreads.
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